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From Jane Fonda’s colorful dresses to Mary Quant’s geometric prints, every 1960s fashion superstar did make a sizable contribution to the style of the 60s as we know them. It was the era of the women emancipation, the supermodels, and the original smart women’s style. That decade, fashion-wise still resonates with young women all around the world, with some of them being fashion designers of their own right. From Hermès’ classic piece called the ‘Birkin’ bag to Dior’s noughties take on Edie Sedgwick’s Factory Girl style, these women were some of the greatest fashion influencers of all time.


One of the most prominent people who helped to shape the world of the 60s fashion was Edie Sedgwick. This remarkable woman can be surely proud about being not just a mere wealthy socialite and the darling of the day for the New York art scene, but also for being a certain muse for amazing artist of the time – Andy Warhol. Edie Sedgwick was the original IT girl, as we can refer to it now.

But despite a lot of famous women being on this particular list, specifying the most essential style icons of the 60s, there were also some trends of the day that did not see the light of popularity then, but were later revived and made to become new trends by such fashion designers as Guy Laroche or Emilio Pucci.


So, unless you were skipping your History class at high school or college, you know which socio-political activist, a personality and First Lady of the 60s we’re about to bring about now. Jackie Kennedy has become the most looked up to fashion icon among the Americans well before Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron. Also known later into her 2nd marriage with a Greek billionaire as Jackie Onassis, this woman, thanks to her classy taste in clothing was the original fashionable First Lady, managing to maintain her impeccable style throughout her time in the White House, even as she lived through tragedy.

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